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Not For Profits/Social Services


Have more money to spend where it’s needed……

No business is anxious to add overhead costs for something they might need in the future when those same dollars could meet immediate operational needs. This is particularly true of Human Service organizations, which in large part are measured by the percentage of each dollar raised that go directly into services.

Add to this the fact that non-profit organizations — because they deal with people on the most personal of levels —often have greater exposures than other businesses and what’s needed becomes clear: the broadest coverage, at the most affordable cost.

That’s where AssuredPartners Human Services Programs comes in. We offer comprehensive programs, providing protection against exposures typically encountered by Not for Profit organizations.

What’s more, we offer “specialized” coverage and increased limits through a full array of broadening endorsements. Long story short, AssuredPartners will help your organization continue its wonderful work — minimizing risk of interruption.

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